Wild Geese Players of Seattle

Jun 16, 2021

Cyclops Video

On June 12th, we recorded a staged reading the Cyclops episode of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

To get a taste of the rowdiest chapter of Ulysses, here is a four-minute preview of the video:

And here’s the full 2.5-hour video:

Read along with the script.

More details about the Cyclops episode.


No Man: George Reilly
Leopold Bloom: Leon Mattigosh
Citizen: Mark Gunning
Garryowen: Wendy Joseph
Joe Hynes: Joseph Ryan
Terry O’Ryan: Roger Berger
Alf Bergan: Maura Donegan
Bob Doran: Bill Barnes
Lt. Col. Tomlinson: Lynne Compton
Mr Conacre: Claudia Finn
Mr Allfours: Aly Gardner-Shelby
Mr O’Reilly: Iain Edgewater
Speaker: Roger Berger
Mr Staylewit: Irene Calvo
J.J. O’Molloy: Olivia Bermingham-McDonogh
Ned Lambert: Lynne Compton
John Wyse Nolan: Irene Calvo
Lenehan: Wendy Joseph
Martin Cunningham: Claudia Finn
Crofton: Iain Edgewater
Mr Power: Aly Gardner-Shelby
Ragamuffin: Olivia Bermingham-McDonogh

Narrators: Lynne Compton, Olivia Bermingham-McDonogh, Maura Donegan, Irene Calvo, Claudia Finn, Roger Berger, Aly Gardner-Shelby, Iain Edgewater, Wendy Joseph, Bill Barnes, Leon Mattigosh, Joseph Ryan, George Reilly.

Director: George Reilly
Script: George Reilly
Poster: Leon Mattigosh
Video Editing: Helen Brew
Introduction: Roger Berger
Publicity: Claudia Finn, George Reilly
Website: George Reilly